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Hollenbeck Strategies has assembled an impressive cadre of expert independent associates designed to assist governments, corporations and individuals in navigating the legislative and political landscape.

Strategic government consulting services in Chicago
Stan Hollenbeck

Stan Hollenbeck was the Director of the City of Chicago City Council Legislative Reference Bureau for more than a decade. This bureau researched and drafted ordinances, resolutions and orders as well as analyzed and recommended policy at the request of all 50 Aldermen that comprise the City of Chicago City Council and their staff.


A life-long Chicago resident, he is a writer and a public communications consultant primarily to clients involved with local governmental and political issues. His list of clients has included many Chicago Aldermen, several officials of local governments and various political parties, three Illinois Governors, two United States Congressmen and a former ambassador to the United States from Cyprus.


Stan Hollenbeck served in the Chicago Public School system for more than a decade. In his last capacity, he was an administrative associate for public relations to Dr. Edward Welling, who was chief of the CPS's desegregation project.


In 1975, he authored a white paper delineating plans for the decentralization of the Chicago Board of Education that served as the educational platform for two mayoral campaigns. This research and writing was used as a basis for school reform legislation in the Illinois legislature that led to the formation of Chicago's Local School Councils.


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