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Hollenbeck Strategies has assembled an impressive cadre of expert independent associates designed to assist governments, corporations and individuals in navigating the legislative and political landscape.

Strategic government consulting services in Chicago
Don Guernsey

Don Guernsey owns Onyx Electronics and is an Electrical Engineer who graduated from Purdue.  Today, he develops custom software for the iPhone and iPad, database backends,  and IT processes for such diverse enterprises as County Recorder of Deeds, the City of Chicago Legislative Reference Bureau, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and Major League Baseball.  In his early days, he was a design engineer for Hughes Aircraft working with a high security clearance on projects such as designing solenoid power supply for  the stealth jet planes.


Additionally, he completed EMI reductions and testing for every radar in the Hughes catalog including the F-18, F-16, and F-15 along with the Stealth Bomber and the Stealth Fighter.


Don has also organized, managed, consulted and fundraised for numerous successful election campaigns in the area of Northwest Indiana known as the Region. He holds a current auctioneers license.


Strategic government consulting services in Chicago
Terry Spencer Hesser

Terry Spencer Hesser is a published novelist and biographer, produced playwright, award-winning screenwriter, multiple-Emmy award-winning scriptwriter, and has worked with people as diverse as Audrey Hepburn, Oprah Winfrey, and R. Kelly. Her screenplay “Till Death Do Us Part” won first place in the Christopher Columbus writing competition and was developed by New Line Cinema. Her first novel, “Kissing Doorknobs,” was an American Library Association top ten pick and has been translated into four languages.


Her work on “Protect Yourself,” a national one hour special teaching inner city fifth graders about AIDS, won the PBS Gold-Award and her hit play “Christmas With Elvis,” was called, “the funniest show in town” by Fox News.


Terry is currently producing a series with Melissa Sage Fadim on “Islands Without Cars,” which features places out of time and portals into the past brimming with stories about life that have little to do with the modern world. She is also working on “Bungalow Soldiers,” a memoir about her family and the town of Cicero, Illinois.


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