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Hollenbeck Strategies has assembled an impressive cadre of expert independent associates designed to assist governments, corporations and individuals in navigating the legislative and political landscape.

Strategic government consulting services in Chicago
Carolyn Kay

Carolyn Kay is a political researcher  for  candidates and publications as well as a website designer, implementer and systems project manager/developer with systems department managerial experience. She has developed software and performed software maintenance for various industries, such as electric utilities and venture capital investment companies. 


On the political side, Carolyn was the founder and managing editor of a political website and uses her considerable IT expertise to execute mailing list scrubbing, merge, and management for political campaigns.



Strategic government consulting services in Chicago
Victor Roberson

Victor Roberson is an effective political and governmental consultant, particularly with the suburban municipalities bordering Chicago and beyond.


Initially with the intergovernmental affairs agency for the Chicago Transit Authority, Victor is a maven of transportation issues. He has consulted for or managed election campaigns from School Trustee to governor.


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