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Municipal Services

Hollenbeck Strategies has an extensive menu of municipal, governmental and political services to address the needs of any elected, appointed, non-profit or corporate body as well as those who staff and govern them. 


These are the legislative service and policy initiatives that Hollenbeck Strategies offers:

Municipal Legislative Reference Service


Hollenbeck Strategies maintains as its core business a a Municipal Legislative Reference Subscription Service that offers officials of governmental, quasi-governmental bodies, agencies and other institutions customizable, nonpartisan, confidential research along with drafting of memorializations and legislation.  In addition Hollenbeck Strategies offer review and revision of local codes, rules and regulations as well as consultation on policy concerning the best practices of other similar governmental organizations.

Commission on Civic Leadership


Hollenbeck Strategies is empaneling a commission of diverse citizens from all professional disciplines and all walks of life to recommend policy redressing the most urgent issues currently concerning citizens and their communities as well as act as an advisory council to two federal 527 political action committees that Hollenbeck Strategies has established.

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