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Strategic Services

By independently contracting with its associates, Hollenbeck Strategies provides its clients with maximum flexibility, working with any or all of a client’s professional staff to fulfill the contracted mission.

Corporate/Government Liaison


The principal and associates of Hollenbeck Strategies can bring to bear their considerable knowledge and skills to guide for-profit and non-profit corporations, institutions, and issues organizations as well as the individual stakeholder through the often-murky waters of state and local contracting, regulation and legislation.

Intergovernmental Affairs


Experienced members of Hollenbeck Strategies can facilitate the cooperation of various government agencies, assist in the amelioration of disputes and draft preliminary interagency agreements.

Political Consulting


The principal and each independent associate of Hollenbeck Strategies has decades of successful experience to guide political campaigns at any point in time from petitioning for being placed on the ballot through the election process & transition to office.

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